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​A writer is pretty much required to have a blog, so here's mine.

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  1. 30 Mar, 2017
    5 Things that Suprised Me about My Book Cover
    Today . . . drrrrum roll . . . the cover of ​Love and Other Hot Beverages was revealed. Based on the cover, what would you expect to find inside?
  2. In the beginning...
    11 Dec, 2016
    In the beginning...
    So, my very first blog post. And what do I decide to blog about? Why Gay Romance? All the things I could write, and I write this. How did it happen? After all, I'm not a gay man. I'm not gay. I'm not a man. Why would I think I have anything legitimate to say on the topic? ​Love is love. When it comes down to it, there is not a lot of difference between relationships that are same sex, different sex, or other. We all face the same questions:  Will I ever find a life partner? Do I even want one?


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